We are a development team that focuses on planning, developing, and supporting your website.


Most Kinful projects begin before our clients have hired a designer or creative agency. We help them think through the possibilities for their ecommerce or marketing site and make important decisions about platform, functionality, third-party applications and more. Sometimes we are brought on board after design is already underway and that can work too.

We are happy to help our clients find a design partner or work with whomever they select. We offer expertise throughout the project but only begin developing the site when design is final and approved.


Once designs are finalized and handed off to us, we get started developing the front-end code Static HTML site rendered site, not powered by a backend (yet!). . Once complete, we internally (with your design team) QA the design was converted exactly how they envisioned it.

From there, we begin building the backend of the site in its respective platform, Shopify, Wordpress or a headless stack. We build complete custom themes unique to you and your design.

Your new site will be constructed on a temporary domain so your existing site remains live throughout the process.

Once the site is near completion we schedule a training session to review the site and teach you how to manage the content. We’ll also send along recording training videos along the way so you can reference them later.

We always take a first stab at entering any content that was provided with the design. Content entry for blogs and products may be scoped separately depending on needs.


Learning the backend of a site, especially with an always changing ecommerce site, is an ongoing process. We’re here to continue to support you with the ins and outs of your questions.

Once the site is live, we become your support partner to ensure everything is running smoothly and you have the time to focus on other priorities.

We leverage the platforms and third-party applications best suited to help our clients succeed. This involves consultation, collaboration and thoughtful recommendations that serve the long-term interests of our clients and their audiences.

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Marketing & Informative
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Headless Architecture
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